Nashville, TN:  Hoteliers throughout the country are struggling to attract guests who are fearful of returning to travel.  Data provided by Morning Consult® shows that just 53% of adults polled would feel comfortable staying at a major hotel chain, while only 45% would consider a boutique hotel. (Data as of 9/5/21) Incorporating in-room air purification which destroys over 99.6% of harmful airborne pathogens at booking or check-in is one way to appeal to wary consumers concerned about the spread of COVID-19.  Introducing the Air Pure Stay.  


The Air Pure Stay solution is powered by the patented Rx400, one of the few UV air purifiers that have been proven in independent EPA- and FDA-certified testing laboratories to destroy on first pass 99.6% of harmful airborne viruses and bacteria.  For an additional $9.99 to $19.99 per night, your guests can now have the option to rest easy in a room that in addition to standard disinfection practices, provides treated, purified air to improve peace of mind.


The Rx400 uses powerful fans to draw in air at the bottom of the unit. Air passes through the patented “kill chamber” which houses three shielded, high-intensity UV-C lights that have been proven to destroy viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi by damaging their genetic structure. The unit also features a carbon coating which removes annoying odors caused by VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) food left in the room overnight and/or smoke odors from guest who smoked in their room. The purified air then exits the “kill chamber” and passes through a dust/lint screen then exits through the top of the unit.


The Air Pure Stay program is the flagship solution for The Med Stay, a pioneer in providing for-profit, professionally managed, Medical Housing Solutions for patients who require short or long-term stay medical treatments. 


“Including an Air Pure Stay solution in a hotel helps ensure that guest rooms, conference rooms, gym, workstations and other high traffic areas are improved indoor air spaces,” said James Nuques, President of The Med Stay. “The Air Pure Stay creates safer and healthier environments for patients, guests and staff, which can help increase occupancy levels.”


The Air Pure Stay program offers:

  • Exceptional Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Reduced spread of infectious airborne contaminants that include viruses and bacteria that can cause disease
  • Fewer allergens and dander in pet-friendly rooms
  • Relaxing, clean and comfortable atmosphere
  • Peace of mind and well-being


“Our dedication to patient health, along with a proven track record of creating and maintaining a customer/patient clean air environment, in cooperation with companies in hospitality and healthcare is what sets us apart,” stated Nuques. “The use of the Air Pure Stay program has increased the satisfaction of our customers. Considering continued risk from the various COVID-19 variants, the hospitality industry should incorporate new technology solutions like the Air Pure Stay to improve indoor air quality.”